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Post here to show how you would book a promotion
Post Sun Nov 13, 2011 2:06 am
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This is my first attempt at playing the booker game, so be gentle.

----The Beginning-----

Harold sat in front of his TV set, crumbs of Cheetos littered about his soiled t-shirt, he crunched on some more as more crumbs flew over his protruding belly. He reached for his root beer and gulped down half of it.
"Preposterous ! How can they book this kind of shit !" He uttered in anger to himself.
The wrestling show continued regardless of his usual contempt for it, the cheering audience seemed to enjoy it, yet, Harold did not.
As the main event concluded and the commentators hyped it as the second coming and demanded you purchased the upcoming PPV to find out what happens next, Harold turned off the TV in disgust.
"I can't believe they think that's worth watching ! The nerve of those idiots !"
He circled down the date for the PPV just in case, as he usually  ordered them as a routine anyway.
" Seems like they got monkeys booking this crap today. I'm sick and tired of the same crap each and every damn week, that's so stupid, any moron could throw random crap in the ring and hope it sticks ! Why, I could do better in my sleep !"
A strange look came upon Harold's face, a look of intensity that was similar to that he usually received when the cheese burritos he loved so much took effect on his digestive track, but this was slightly different, he had an idea !
"What if...what if I booked my own pro wrestling show ?" He muttered under his breath.
Surely, the small inheritance he received from his Grandma might cover the cost of one event, after all $ 20,000 wasn't small change, he could, conceivably manage to put together a decent indie card. He would show them how it's supposed to be done, and perhaps even grow to become a force to be reckoned with, except for the small detail he knew nothing  about how to contact talent and organize a show, he was ready, he had decided, he would promote and book his own pro wrestling show !

-----Well, this is the start, if you like it, I'll keep going with it, if not, it ends here.

"Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." ----Mr Spock----

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