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ACW Backstory

Vince Russo is fed up with being disrespected by his colleagues in pro wrestling. He has decided to leave TNA after they replaced him as Head of Creative, for Bruce Prichard. Russo feels his work is under-estimated and he isn't given as much credit as he deserves. He is sick and tired of seeing the same, boring stuff on weekly wrestling programs so he has decided to create an Alternative. Vince Russo has taken out a loan from a local bank, to invest in a newly-founded wrestling promotion, Alternative Championship Wrestling. Russo feels as if he can take ACW and make it a household name. His goal isn't to kill WWE or TNA but to give him credit where credit is due, and make wrestling fun again. ACW will not hold guys back based on there size but morely based on ability. ACW competitors will be given full control on the microphone which means all promos will be unscripted. Put your kids to bed because ACW will be an edgy, action-packed, wrestling show, and isn't for the weak of heart.

ACW Television

ACW Wednesday Night Wreckage will air from 9PM to 11PM Eastern Time, every Wednesday Night on HBO.

ACW will also have a monthly pay per view, most likely falling on a Sunday.

ACW's debut show will be "Breaking Groung," live on ppv, Febuary 5, 2012 at 8PM Eastern Time


ACW World Heavyweight Championship - The most coveted prize in Alternative Championship Wrestling

ACW World Tag Team Titles - Most prestigous title in all of Tag Team Wrestling

ACW Elite Championship - A highly-prestigous title that competitors will hold to test if they are ready for the main event scene

ACW Roster

Vince Russo has recruited several Indy wrestlers to join ACW, as well as persuading several WWE and TNA talent to leave there respected companies and join Alternative Championship Wrestling.

Alberto Del Rio
Austin Aries
Briscoe Brothers
Bully Ray
CM Punk
Colt Cabana
Curt Hawkins
D'Angelo Dinero
Daniel Bryan
David Hart Smith
Desmond Wolfe
Dolph Ziggler
Drew Mcintyre
El Generico
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
John Morrison
Mick Foley
Samoa Joe
Sin Cara
Teddy Hart
Tyson Kidd
The Uso's
The Young Bucks

Tag Teams and Stables

Next Generation Hart Foundation - Teddy Hart, David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd, w/Natlaya

The Uso's - Jimmy and Jey Uso

The Briscoe Brothers - Jay and Mark Briscoe

The Young Bucks - Matt and Nick Jackson

Other On Air Talent

Owner - Vince Russo

Play by Play Commentator - Joey Styles

Color Commentator - Abraham Washington

Backstage Interviewers - Jeremy Borash, Todd Grisham, and Christy Hemme

Ring Announcer - Tony Chimel

ACW 2012 PPV Lineup (Dates to be Announced)

Febuary: Breaking Ground
March: Overdrive
April: Off the Charts
May: Riot Act
June: All or Nothing
July: Freedom to Beat
August: Mega Clash
September: Aftershock
October: Retribution
November: Danger Zone
December: Final Countdown

More news and notes to come...

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Interested in reading this...although put me in the group that hates Russo.
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