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The Ultimate Guide to a Successful BTB

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Post Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:03 am

I was recently given the mod spot in the BTB section as I really want to shake things up in here and make it a better place. I have encouraged many of you here on PWS to post your own BTB's but you weren't sure where to start. That is why I am here to show you how to run a solid BTB.

The Begining:
If you are thinking about starting a BTB then this is where you need to begin. Firstly, decide what you would like to book and what you are seeking to accomplish. I recently started a BTB called "World Wrestling Assosiation." It was about Donald Trump purchasing TNA and creating his own wrestling company. I am basically taking TNA superstars and adding to the roster with other stars I have purchased. What I am seeking to accomplish is, taking TNA and turning it into a successful wrestling promotion. So there is step one and two right there. If you are having trouble deciding what you would like to book, think about what you are interested in. What kind of company would you like to book? A worldwide company? A small indy promotion? Hardcore company? Lucha Libre? It is up to you to decide what you are interested in. When creating a company, you can feature any superstar in the world you would like on your roster. I wouldn't use fictional characters because it is very hard to keep up with from a reader's stand point. You could also book one of your favorite companies like WWE, TNA, ROH or even go back in time to AWA, WCW, NWA, WWC. You do whatever you would like.

Once you have decided what you are going to book, create a thread in the Be the Booker Section. Make sure you are very specific and let everyone reading know what you will be booking and what you are trying to accomplish. Provide a backstory and why you are booking the company. Then you can post a roster. Who will be competing in your company. It came be anyone in the entire world. Just take my advice, and don't use fictional characters. Once you have stated who will be competing in your BTB, make sure you state when you will be posting the shows and what the name of the shows are. If you state that you will be posting a show on a certain day, then it needs to be up that day unless you are having difficulties and you can't do that. If you are unable to post that day then let everyone know in advance, that way you don't leave your readers high and dry. After you provide the roster and the dates, you can tell everyone what your title belts are going to be.

Booking your shows:
The style of your show needs to relate to the style of your company. For example if your show is only an hour long, only post a couple matches/promos. Make the timeslot believable. When writing out your matches, you also need to make them believable as well. Don't have someone be thrown off the top of the titantron fifty feet to the concrete because in reality they would die. Try and make the matches as realistic as possible. During the match, you can show your announcers talking and what they are saying. When the match is taking place, try and use the moves of the competitors who are in the match. So if Kevin Nash is wrestling, don't have him give Hulk Hogan a frankensteiner because that would flashback on what I covered as being unbelievable. Another thing, have the matches relate to the feuds/programs/storylines they are involved in. Be specific and try to include as much detail in the match as possible.

While you are writing your shows, try and use a spell check. Nobody wants to read a BTB with bad grammar. Yes I know, I need to work on my grammar too as many of you may have noticed. It isn't my specialty and if it isn't yours either, at least give us an effort. Every writer has a different style and that is good, so don't use someone elses style when yours is just as good. Some people like to center there text and that is fine. Some don't and that is fine also. It is all about what you like and what you think the reader's will enjoy. Don't make it bland and boring though. Try and use color, bold, italics, underline, etc....

Try and advertise on PWS to get people to read your BTB but don't piss them off and bug them about it. Just let everyone know that you are involved and would appreciate it if they read. A lot of posters who read your BTB will most likely give feedback. Now the feedback won't always be positive feedback. Negative feedback is good as well, that way you can find out what your audiance would like to see. Don't jump down there throats because they didn't enjoy the show. Just use it as a motivation to get better. If people are kind enough to read your BTB and provide feedback then give them some feedback in return if they are running a BTB.

Keep Everything in One Thread:
Anything pertaining to your show which will include, the actual shows, feedback, breaking news, roster changes, etc.... keep in the thread you started. If it leaks out to other threads then I will move it back to the one you started.

The BTB General Discussion Thread:
There is a general discussion thread that is stickied and nobody has yet to reply. In the thread you may discuss your shows but don't post anything pertaining to your shows there. Just discuss what is going on in your BTB and others. It is all about what is going on in the BTB section of PWS.

Give 110%:[b/]
If you are going to do a BTB, even though it is hard, try to not get lazy. Make sure you give the readers a full effort.

[b]Hit the Books:

If you are interested in starting a BTB and you know you will have the time, don't hesitate or feel nervous. Go ahead and start it up but be committed to it fully. If you have read this guide to a successful BTB, then you should be ready to begin your own. This guide might not help a lot of people but if it helps one person, I am happy. I hope I answered all of your questions. If you still have questions or are just looking for advice, don't hesitate to ask. Give me a private message and I will answer it at the best of my ability.

The Last but certainly the most important rule:
HAVE FUN!!!! No use in continuing a BTB if you aren't having any fun. That is the whole point. If you wish to close your BTB, make an announcement in your thread and explain why you wish to stop and I will lock the thread. It is now your time to shine, so go on and make that BTB you are wanting. If you just enjoy reading BTB's then that is fine too. Remember if there are anymore questions, give me a private message.
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