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Beer Money Becomes America's Most Wanted

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Post Wed May 11, 2011 9:17 pm
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This will be my idea of booking the Beer Money split as well as the reuniting of one of TNA's most well known teams of all-time. This includes Bobby roode's way to TNA's main event picture.  I'll be starting at Sacrifice 2011 and this will be a relatively quick storyline change about 6 weeks or so:

Sacrifice 2011: Beer Money vs Matt Hardy and "Wildcat" Chris Harris, The match starts with James Storm and Chris Harris and Harris initiates the ROH-like handshake/handslap to start the match. A stunned Storm accepts it and the match starts. Matt Hardy does all-heel tactics during the match while Chris Harris doesnt (despite him being a heel supposedly). The match concludes with Matt Hardy and Chris  Harris WIN the Tag Team titles.

On Impact the next week 5/19/11: Chris Harris calls out James Storm who comes to the ring annoyed (because he lost the titles). Harris tells Storm about how he only came back as Hardy's teammate because this was his way of getting back into TNA through Immortal. Storm rolls his eyes at that statement but Harris says "its the Truth. I desperately wanted to get back into TNA and this was my ticket back in" Storm snatches the mic from Harris and says "yeah Im so sure thats the reason you came back as Hardy's partner" Storm continues "Next week, me and Bobby Roode will make an announcement about what match we will have in our rematch for the tag team titles at Slammivarsary 9" Matt Hardy attempts a sneak attack but Storm avoids it and gets the better of Hardy while Harris just stands there watching

5/26/11: Hardy and Harris talk about last week and Harris says "hey I told you not to sneak attack Storm and you made the decision to attack on your own and so i let you do it on your own", Bischoff comes in and plays peace keeper with both of them. Beer Money does a backstage segment where they tell M. Hardy, Chris Harris and the world that Slammivarsary 9 it'll be Beer Money vs Hardy and Harris in a Ladder Match for the tag team titles.

6/2/11: Both Beer Money and Hardy/Harris have tag matches to showcase there talents. Beer money's match happens first and later that night in a segment where Beer Money is doing a reaction piece and then a stagehand tells Bobby Roode that Hogan and Bischoff want to have a conversation with him. (we dont see this meeting)

6/9/11: Hogan talks to Harris and hardy and says "Dont worry dudes, I put a plan in place to ensure you leave Sunday as tag Champs in Immortal" Hardy is smiling and happy about it but Harris doesnt like this as he wants to win it the right way, Hogan rips into Harris a bit and says if your not willing to play ball, then I can get someone else to replace you brother as Matt's partner and champion.

Beer Money is shown having a conversation talking about Sunday and Roode asks "Being Tag team champs again is nice and all but James dont you ever want more" Storm asks "what do you mean", Roode replies "What Im saying is we have been in this team for years and well I want something different, I want something more, I want to be TNA world champion. If we dont win Sunday, we go our seperate ways " and Roode leaves. Storm has this WTF look on his face and says "where did that come from?"

6/12/11: Prematch Roode is talking to Storm and he says "what I said on Thursday only happens if we dont win the titles tonight. If we win, Beer Money will continue on. If not, I dont want to start at the bottom and work our way back up and I know in your heart you dont either" Storm replies "Im a Tag Team wrestler and I am viewed as a Legendary tag team wrestler from my days with AMW and now with you in Beer Money. And if you dont fell that way then Sorry about your damn feelings"

The ladder match goes on and the go home sequence involves Roode and Harris fighting outside the ring and Hardy and Storm fighting on the ladder. Storm gets the better of the exchange and pulls down the tag team belts. Storm is ecstatic, the Impact Zone is ecstatic and Bobby Rroode not so much. Sort of like the reaction The Rock had when he and Mankind won the tag titles from the Holly's on the night rock said this was their last night together as a tag team. 

6/16/11: Storm is by himself as he talks to Christy Hemme about "how unlike Bobby, Im happy as hell about being one half of the TNA Tag Team Champions. Christy asks about Roode and Storm replies "Were having some communication issues right now but we will get the ship righted" Christy asks "where is Bobby tonight?" Storm says "he has some business to take care of but he'll be here next week"

Matt hardy walks up to him and says he better be back next week because we are cashing in our rematch for next week on Impact and he tells Storm that tonight "the legendary tag team wrestler James Storm will be facing Me in a Singles match tonight"

The match goes on as planned and Hardy wins through dastardly means. Post match, BOBBY ROODE SHOWS UP AND ATTACKS James Storm. He screams at him "I never wanted to be tag team champs again" and he leaves his title in the ring and leaves through the crowd (with the fans booing loudly at Roode) with Matt hardy smiling on the ramp thinking it'll be a handicap match next week for the belts. Harris joins Hardy on the stage but he isnt happy at what he sees and calls for Paramedics to come out and help Storm.

6/23/11: Roode explains his actions by saying, he threw away Beer Money because Hogan gave him what he wants and thats a World Title Match against Sting at Destination X and Jeff Hardy's spot in Immortal. He closes by saying "It pays to be Roode". The Network representative comes out and tells Roode that "I cant strip you of your titleshot but I can postpone it and Bobby Roode you arent facing Sting at Destination X because I already signed a match for you at the ppv and it reads Bobby Roode vs James Storm with your Title Shot on the line. Roode is ballistic in the ring for losing his title match at the ppv.

The Network Rep. is about to leave when he remembers to say "Almost forgot, with James Storm not here tonight, the tag title match that was scheduled for tonight will happen next week with Mr. Storm naming his new tag team partner ."

Later, we see him talking to Hogan and Hogan tells him "your Bobby Roode, the Future TNA champion. You can beat that redneck 10 times out of 10."

6/30/11: The Tag Title match takes place and with Hardy and Harris in the ring, James Storm comes out carrying both tag belts and is wearing a Beer Money shirt. Hardy asks with a big smile on his face " So whose your Tag Team Partner?. Storm grabs a mic and is about to speak when he stops and takes off his Beer Money shirt to reveal an AMERIACA'S MOST WANTED T-SHIRT (Impact Zone goes crazy for this). Hardy's like WTF and Chris Harris attacks Hardy and the bell rings. AMW dominates Hardy and easily retain AMW's Tag Team titles.

Hogan looks on from the back with Roode and their both flipping out at this development

7/7/11: Immortal comes out to do a promo where they plan on firing Chris Harris and thus killing AMW before it starts. the Network Rep. and AMW come out smiling saying "Chris Harris signed a new deal with Spike TV and TNA after he ripped up the deal he signed with you to get back into TNA. Hogan you cant fire Harris at all so get the hell out of the ring" Harris grabs the mic and says "Before you leave, just one more thing Matt hardy. I'll see you at the ppv.

7/14/11: We get a match between AMW and Bobby Roode and Matt Hardy. AMW wins the match after 10 minutes of quality wrestling

Destination X 2011: Hardy vs Harris is a good 8 minute match as the second match on the card

Prematch between Roode and Storm has Hogan whispering into Roode's ear "the only way you lose your title shot is if your pinned or forced to submit"

Roode vs Storm has about 12 minutes of back and forth action before Roode gets intentionally disqualified for using a steel chair. The beating continues post match but Harris runs out to run Roode off. Hogan comes out and announces what he whispered in Roode's ear and says "basically Storm won the match but not Roode's title shot as the contract for the match says Roode only loses his title shot if he gets pinned or if he submits"

This is how I'd book Beer Money becoming AMW with Booby roode moving on to TNA's main event picture going forward

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