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WWC: Hogan starts a company in 2001 BROTHER!

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After a highlight reel showcasing the talent on the WWC Roster, with Hulk obviously the main focus, pyro hits & then American Made hits & Hulk Hogan goes down the ramp to a tremendous ovation! He is wearing his black& red attire & the crowd chant HOGAN! Hulk grabs a mic & says that he's grateful that the fans have come down to Orando Florida & says this is the World! Wrestling! Championship BROTHER! With the crowd going nuts he announces that tonight we'll have a 1 night 8 man tournament! Then Bobhy The Brain Heenan makes his way to the ring & tells Hogan that allthough this is his company HE is powerless to do anything that involves in-ring activities & for that he has to come to the OFFICIAL General Manager of the WWC.......ME! The Brain's running the show DUDE! He says that there will be a 8 man tournament & the 1st match is happening right now....HULK HOGAN VS SEAN O'HAIRE! Just then Sean appears out of nowhere & attacks him from behind! Hogan is getting battered by O'Haire but then THE NASTY BOYS APPEAR!!!! Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags get in the ring & save Hulk hut The Outsiders appear! Hall & Nash brawl with Sags & Knobbs until Brain says that those 4 men where in the WWC tournament but now THEY BOTH BLEW IT! But since they have bad blood they will face each other TONIGHT! Bobby smirks & goes backstage while O'Haire gets in the ring.

O'Haire tries to work down the left leg of the owner of WWC but Hulky fights back with his usual routine. Sean climbs up top & goes for a top rope crossbody block & gets a 2 count & hits a running elbow drop for 2. O'Haire tries to cheat by low blowing Hogan but IT HAS NO EFFECT! Hulk starts HULKING UP! Here we go! PUNCH! PUNCH! IRISH WHIP! BIG BOOT! Goes for the leg drop of doom but Sean moves out the way ! Goes for a lariat but Hogan ducks & BODY SLAM! LEG DROP OF DOOM!!! 1! 2! 3! Hogan wins!

The match would be a 10 minute showcase as both men put on a great match! Hennig is showing his arrogence in the ring while Sting is proving why he is 1 of the best wrestlers in the world! With Sting hitting his high impact moves to begin the match Curt rolls outside for a breather. Hennig lures The Icon into a trap hy running around the ring & stomps away on Sting when he gets back to the ring. Sting's back area getting beaten down by the former Mr Perfect. Hennig hits a huge spinebuster for 2 on The Icon but Sting DDT'd Curt out of nowhere. Hennig hits the Perfect-Plex! 1! 2! No! Kickout by Sting! The former WCW Champion beats down the former IC Champion with lefts & rights before hitting the Stinger Splash in the corner! He is begging Hennig to get up, probobly for the Scorpian Deathdrop but Curt reverses into a rollup! He has the tights! 1! 2! 3! Hennig advances!

We go backstage to Bobby Heenan in his off ice with a unknown wrestler. He says that his father is 1 of this sports greatest legends & hopefully he can live up fathers legacy. The kid says that he is the future of wrestling & that he can beat anyone on the roster but just then English high flyer PAC enters the scene & challenges the man to a match next week. The man says to PAC that his family is the greatest family in pro wrestling & that he'd accept if theres a 5 minute time limit. The Englishman accepts & asks the mans name but gets low blowed by him. Heeenan yells to them to get out which the unknown does before saying "by the way, its Carlito Colon & dats cool!"

We go backstage with Mean Gene Okerlund who is with Sid Vicious. Sid says to Gene that if he doesn't give him the mic he'd beat down the announcer. Gene apparently doesn't do it quick enough & gets punched by Vicious & then stomped on. Sid yells this is what is going to happen to every siingle member of the WWC roster even the almighty Hulk Hogan! He then power bombs a randomer into the cage background.

Both men put on a pretty shit match with stalling & botches all the way! Thankfully it is short as Scott attacks his brother on the way down the ramp. Scotty throws The Dog in the ring & pins him after a Frankinsteiner. Scott then waits for Rick to get up & hits him with a pipe!

Short 1 minute squash match with Sid chokeslamming Duggan then locking in a Arm Trap Crossface for the submission. Afterwards he rolls Jim to the outside & sets up a table...Oh no! A chokeslam through the table! Vicious then grabs a chair & whacks Hacksaw with it!

We go backstage to a familier face called Steve Corino. He goes on about how when he was in ECW he disrespected legends & then turned into a icon after winning the ECW Championship. But now he relises what Extreme Championship Wrestling was about: either splitting your head open for no reason what-so-ever or diving 20 feet off the stage through 8 tables! But no more! He claims that he is starting a rebellion...... The Old Skool Rebellion! Steve signs out by saying that wrestling used to be a sport......& he is going to save the SPORT of professional wrestling while it can be saved.

A very good match that would wake the fans up after the terrible last 2 matches. Rey is wearing his lucha outfit again. Mysterio & Red would double team Low Ki with high flying lucha moves for the 1st 7 minutes until Amazing accidently hit a springboard dropkick to Rey-Rey! The 2 high flyers then have a great 5 minute exchange themselves with high flying arial moves on each other as Mysterio hit a springboard asai moonsault into a standing moonsault & Red hit a tilt a whirl DDT ! Low Ki won after Rey Mysterio Jr hit a 619 to Amazing Red but Low Ki superkicked him in midair! Ki then picked up Jr & Red & hit a double Ki Krusher 99!!!! He throws Rey out the ring & pins Amazing for the Crusierweight Championship! Low Ki climbs on the turnbuckles & raises the WWC Crusierweight belt above his head.

We then go to the locker room of Scott Hall & Kevin Nash, who are getting ready for there WWC Tag title match against the Nasty Boys up next. The 2 former WWF IC champs say that they are 200 times better than the fat out of shape has beens (says who?) & that they can beat the shit out of ANYONE in the World Wrestling Championship. They say that they do regret saving O'Haire from a 3 on 1 mugging, cause now we cannot become the WWC Champion like we deserve to be. But Knobbs Sags are getting there asses beat tonight! Just then The Nasty Boys come in & attack the Outsiders! The 2 teams brawl all the way to the ring & Bobby announces the match is now a Hardcore Match!

This would mostly be carried by crowd noise & weapon use. Hall & Knobbs brawl into the crowd & Big Sexy & Jerry fight around the ring. Nash during the match grabs a chair & hits Sags in the back with it & strangles him with it! Brian throws Scott down some stairs & goes for a pin but Hall kicks out at 2. The 2 men clothesline each other over the barricade & Knobbs pinned Scott for a 2 count. Kevin Nash beats the hell out of Jerry Sags with a kendo stick & gets a trashcan & a ladder. Brian gets in the ring & hammers onto Kevin & he & Jerry hits a double suplex onto a trashcan! A slow 2 count for The Nasty Boys. Hall sets up a table in the ring & grabs a chain & hits Jerry with it! Sags is busted open & he rolls out the ring. With Scott on his tail Jerry crawls towards a ladder. The ladder's set up between the barricade & ring apron & Hall has Sags up......OUTSIDERS EDGE THROUGH THE LADDER!!!! Scott gets in the ring & tries to attack Knobbs but Brian hits a double arm axe handle! Oh my god! A running powerslam through the table! The Nasty Boys are the new WWC Tag champs!

Hulk & Hennig have a decent fight but really its not that memorable. Curt works the left leg of the former WWF & WCW champion. Hennig is really wearing that leg down with a figure 4 leglock but Hogan uses his strengh to break out & goes for a body slam but Mr Perfect reverses into a chop block to injured leg. Hulk goes for a suplex but Curt reverses into a atomic drop! He slams Hogan's knee on the canvas & hits a leg DDT. By now Hulk's leg is shattered & he can bearly walk. He gets up & starts punching Hennig & Hulk starts to HULK UP! Here we go! But when he hits the leg drop of doom Hogan holds on to his leg but still get the win!

A really bad match between these 2. Steiner & Vicious follow the punch-kick-slam routine. Scott locks in the Steiner Recliner but Sid reverses into a electric chair! Steiner is down but he low blows the former WWF Champion. But in the ramp..... It is Rick Steiner! Scott is yelling at his brother to come down but Rick tells Steiner to turn around. Scott does & gets chokeslammed! It's over! Sid Vicious advances to the finals.

Mutoh would absolutly kill the young Spanky, Keiji hit him with the mist at the last 2 minutes then the Shining Wizard & a Moonsault for the win. DDP runs down the ramp & attacks Mutoh, they brawl for 3 minutes before DiBiase pulls Keiji out & they head up the ramp.

A bad match which was carried by croud noise. Sid & Hogan have a staredown for 30 seconds mouthing off before they trade blows. Vicious obviously targets the clearly injured leg of The Hulkster with kicks & other leg moves. Hulk gets beaten down for a good 10 minutes by Sid until the former AWA champion fights back with his usual routine.

Mike Tenay: & what a match we have witnessed here tonight in Orlando. Vicious & Hogan can bearly stand!
Steven Regal: Both men have had a very tough night. The Hulkster with Sean O'Haire & Curt Henning, The Master & Ruler of the Galaxy with Hqcksaw Jim Duggan & Scott Steiner. Both men giving it there all for the WWC Championship.
Tenay: You can see the blood above Vicious' eye which was caused by when he tried to use a chair & Hulk revered it by big booting the chair into Sid's face. Now both men trading blows!
Regal: Tenay this is by far the best match I have seen in years (bullshit Regal & you know it!) A big kick to the injured left leg of Hogan by Vicious..... Wait a minute.... What the bloody hell is he doing?
Tenay: I...... I think he's putting Hogan up the top rope..... He is going up as well!
Regal: This is not going to end well Mike, wait..... Oh no. No Sid don't.
Tenay: No. No! Sid C'mon you don't need to do this! Oh my god! A powerbomb off the top rope by Sid Vicious!
Regal: Wow Michael! Hulk is out of the bloody game now!
Tenay: Sid going for the pin! 1! 2! 3! Sid Vicious is the WWC World Champion!!!!
Regal: Now I do not care what anyone says. That man deserves that belt. He went through earn that championship & now he is the WWC Heavyweight Champion of the World!
Tenay: The fireworks & pyro going off for the 1st ever WWC Champion Sid Vicious! I may not like him, but after what he went through earlier with Scott Steiner, he deserves it! I'm Mike Tenay.
Regal: & I am Lord Steven Regal.
Tenay: & thanks for tuning in to WWC on ABC! Good night from Orlando Florida!

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World Wrestling Championship Background
In 2001 WCW closed due to mis-management & the sponsers being dickheads. Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, who got blown off by the WCW Booker at the time, Vince Russo, decided to start his own company, in tribute to the recently busted company. With Eric Bischoff being signed as the head booker, there's a lot of speculation about the new company. Hulk managed to sign a TV Deal with ABC after WWF TV left them for TNN. WWC's roster mainly consists of ex-WCW & ECW wrestlers & current indy guys.



Hulk Hogan
Rick Steiner
Jerry Sags
Brian Knobbs
New Jack
Diamond Dallas Page
Rob Van Dam
Lance Storm
Rey Mysterio Jr
Billy Kidman
Jack Evans
Air Paris
Juventud Guerrera
Teddy Hart
Amazing Red
La Parka
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Amish Roadkill
Danny Doring
Jerry Lynn


Sid Vicious
Scott Steiner
Curt Hennig
Kevin Nash
Scott Hall
Shane Douglas
Dan Severn
Ken Shamrock
Keiji Mutoh
Low Ki
Mark Jindrak
Sean O'Haire
Bam Bam Bigelow
Yoshihiro Tajiri
Super Crazy
AJ Styles
Christopher Daniels
Jamie Knoble
Kaz Hayashi
Buff Bagwell
Lex Luger
Steve Corino

[color=#004000]Special Episodes

1: 50 Shades of Chaos
2: Warzone
3: Berlin Bloodbath (3 Nights)
4: Death Before Dishonor
5: Revenge
6: No More Mercy
7: SummerBash
8: Black September
9: King Of Kings Tournament (3 Nights)
10: Golden Domination
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This was good if it had been someone else's company. Hulk Hogan booking his own would not have been like that at all. First off, each and every match would have had the commentators ignoring it and talking about Hogan instead. Second, constant and frequent cuts to Hogan doing a promo, talking to someone, clipping his toenails ect. ect. He did this in WCW and TNA, no way he'd run his own company without making himself the center of the universe and he'd win the title at the end.
Otherwise, not a bad typical WCW show.

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After the slight sucess of WWC, which got a 2.0 rating on sunday, ABC has announced that they want a 2 1/2 hour special once a month. Hogan obviously agreed & the 1st 2 1/2 hour special will be called 50 Shades of Chaos. Now the GM of WWC Bobby Heenan announced that we'd have the TV Title tournament with Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, Lex Lugar & Lance Storm in the tourney. Also that we would have a Crusierweight only tournament called Cruiserweight King. The following competitors are PAC, Carlito Colon, Juventud Guerrera, Teddy Hart, Jamie Knoble, Jack Evans, La Parka, Kaz Hayashi, AJ Styles, Yoshihiro Tajiri, Super Crazy, Christopher Daniels, Amazing Red, Psychosis, Air Paris & Billy Kidman. & finally the new WWC Champion of the World Sid Vicious will defend the title against former WCW United States Champion Diamond Dallas Page, who had a brawl with former IWGP Champion Keiji Mutoh on Episode 1.

1: Billy Kidman vs Yoshihiro Tajiri
2: Lance Storm vs Scott Steiner
3: Christopher Daniels vs Amazing Red
4: Lex Lugar vs Rick Steiner
5: Keiji Mutoh vs Local (CM Punk)
6: Sid Vicious vs Diamond Dallas Page for the WWC Championship!

Please post predictions!

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